Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just a few slight not change your dial!!!

Yes...peeps...I am at it again. As I have more time and knowledge to play with things I keep updating the look and feel of my blog. This is a temp fix until I get my own custom design up. But I do like the way this template is laid out for now. So thanks to the following for the useage - Designed by Ipietoon Blogger Template Sponsored by Online Shop Vector by Artshare. It totally works for me.

So...It's Superbowl Sunday and the parties are on. My BFF dude is having me over for some drinks and a good shouting match as we take sides - just for the sake of betting against each other. And of course, laugh at the commercials. (Best part of the whole damn day!) The loser usually has to cook a nice steak dinner, or the like, for the winner's family. I think he's won once and so have I. This will be the tie breaker!

Sweetpea has been out of town with a friend since Friday. OMG...I so remember what I was doing at that age when I went out of town with my girl friends. I just hope she has better judgment than I had at that age. I miss her after a night so I don't know what I will do when she goes off to college in a few years. Waaaa......Get a life Girlfiend...right????

I have been busy all morning tweaking my website some more and now I want to redo much of it....the good thing is - I CAN!!!! As I have said, it is a work in progress and it is soooo much fun playing with the design. I am learning Adobe Photoshop too and can do more and more each day. There isn't enough time in my day to do what I want to do and date have a life though!!! haha. Guess the life change will have to wait a while longer. Good news is the Cookie Lee Shows are ON. Yep folks, I have 4 shows booked already. Just need more inventory and I am good to go....woohoo!!!

Now I just need to decide what team I am rooting for today.....hmmmmm...I like horses.