Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Been HOW LONG????

Since I've posted that is...what were you thinking? Yes, I has been well over a month since I've had any time or anything interesting to talk about this.... I am on day 40 of my sobriety...why? Don't know - don't want to analyze things too deeply, but I just know its the right thing to do at the moment. 

Work is good...Sweetpea is good...Life is Good...could be better, but its Good. I've settled into some good books lately and I forgot just how much I LOVE to read a good scary novel. I read really fast too. I can put a book away in a few days - no problem-o.....just finished a Dean Koontz (one of my favorite authors) book and moving on to another. I LOVE the public library. OK...I know I am just rambling now...I really haven't had a breakthrough moment of writing lately and I am at a loss on what to write that won't be boring or just a bunch of nonsense. So I am going to STOP HERE.