Monday, July 26, 2010

Vegas, Babies, and WTF....

Last week we spent 4 days (including my birthday) in Vegas, baby! Although it was work related...we had a blast in the 105+ heat! Monday it was 111 degrees...yuck! We did get to go see a show - Cirque du Soleil - Ka' which was totally BFF came on Wednesday (the bday) and took us out for a great time on the Strip. Here is a picture of one of our the Excalibur (we really wanted to see - Thunder from Down Under!) But these guys worked.

 So....when we came back....still no baby goat. Damn that old nag was just holding on to that baby and NOT giving her up! Finally, yesterday I told Sweetpea I thought she was ready...her bag of milk was about dragging on the ground...and low and behold she started squawking last night and I said "Shes probably having the baby." I went down to check on her about 9 pm and there was a little bleating going on...she HAD THE BABY! Here is the no-name-yet baby....

 and as for the rest of whats going on...all I can say is WTF???

Sunday, July 11, 2010

JACKM 2010 - AKA Sista-Union

Check out these sisters....all beauties....and of course Elijah...the only boy (Sweetpea is holding their nephew).

Friday, July 9, 2010


Well...the day has finally arrived. We are headed to Los Angeles for a sista-union of all Sweetpea's 1/2 sisters. Yes...she has 4 (four) 1/2 sisters - two she has never seen before. This is going to be a very exciting and extremely emotional trip for the girls and their moms! For me...the hardest part will be the drive down there...just Sweetpea and the car for 8-9 hours. Ugh...long drive, but we will have fun. Got the ice chest packed with drinks and snacks...lots of music - from old school to the latest pop, so we should both be happy. 

Looking forward to seeing the dynamics between the girls - how much of their personalities are genetic - and how much is environmental. One of my interests left over from my school days....tune in next week to see how things went! Have a great friends!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Day at a Time...

Taking things 'One Day at at Time' seems to be the best way to look at life. If I had applied that mantra years ago...I would have had less stress, more enjoyment out of life, and a heart that was easier to give to someone. Telling myself that "Life is Good" and knowing I truly mean it is a healthy move in the right direction (one which I haven't always maintained!). Whatever path I choose to follow now is based on a positive attitude and one that cannot be changed or influenced by others. I think we get to a certain place where comfort overrides fear of the unknown and I am comfortable with my life with or without changes. Take the good moments and savor them (with friends and family) and don't look back on unclaimed baggage that may cloud thought and reasoning and those good moments in time and run with it!