Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Moly It's Friday Already

Of all weekends to schedule a volleyball tournament, it would be when I have scheduled time for myself. Tonight is Bunco Night, so its off to watch Caitlin play for a few hours (I'm hoping to catch two matches) then some girlfriend time. Tomorrow they play too, but I have scheduled my Aveda facial & pedi (Christmas gift) which will last for hours! OK...the choices are volleyball? or pampering? OMG....Which would YOU choose, if you were a stressed-out, working, single-mom? I feel guilty, but I am going to choose BonBon's and let them do their stuff.

We have been working so hard these last few weeks to populate the Twolia Music & Store sites, a few hours of down-time will do some good for revitalizing and refreshing my creativity and critical thinking stills. Yes, I do have those now and I do my best thinking, when not trying to...or when Shopping!!

Speaking of shopping, I have looked for a dress for next weekend's wedding and thanks to my lovely BFF, Phyllis, I have a beautiful black dress to wear, and no moola out-of-pocket. It is perfect! I just hope the weather is gorgeous too. So here is my goodies pick for the week. Our new Twolia Promo got to love it!