Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Land of Far Far Away

My dear friends...I have been gone far to long...gone to a place...Far Far Away...

Only in fairytales and movies does the heroine ride away into the sunset with her handsome knight...of course unless you are watching Shrek and then you (lucky girl) get an Ogre as your prize. I can easily see myself in such a place....with such a man. But really is just a story. My story is a bit more on the boring, mundane--yet complicated side. To know me...doesn't necessarily mean you will love me too. A hard worker I am...a pain in the ass I can be. (Ask my family these days.) I just ask for a fair deal, the ability to prove myself, and confidence in my decisions. I have not made it this far without some mistakes...but for each one I have a gray hair!! So no more mistakes!! haha