Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just Tell it Like it is....HE IS HOT!

Yeah...just tell it like it is....that's what I say. Don't beat around the subject - say what you mean and mean what you say.  

I had a fricking awesome time at the  JOHN MAYER concert last night!!

He rocked the stage and owns half of my heart  is now my GUITAR GOD...sorry Joe (Satriani) he's younger and definitely rocking things right now...and not too hard on the eyes. And even though I think he's a pig in the relationship department....he was kind of funny last night cracking jokes with the audience. This is song is one of my favs as is Gravity...I actually was able to video some of concert on video myself...and, if I could just figure out how to really work my new Blackberry I would have it the meantime....

I had a great time with old friends, a new one....(later on that detail) and just hanging on the grass listening to so really good music. 

Sorry for missing your birthday party SIS...I will make it up to you!! But a date and John Mayer....I couldn't say no.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The County Fair is HERE!

I LOVE the County Fair in my hometown. Every year, I hear many of my friends say, "I hate the Fair..I'm not going" and my question is "WHY?" (Of course, I run into those same people at the Fair every year, haha!) 

Some of my fondest childhood memories are around going to our County Fair...the Fair was a culmination of what Summer was all about,  you know - having a great time with friends...just hanging out, the excitement of meeting some new friends, the crazy scary Carney people and that whole freaky thing, the rides, the smell - ah.. the smell of corn dogs, caramel corn, the animals poop...and, of course, the Fair meant school would start soon. A bummer then, a blessing now!!

But what I love most about the County Fair, running into people I haven't seen in years while walking around to all the buildings & booths to see all the crafts (where else would I buy my toe ring? I think I've bought them from the same guy for the past 10 + years), merchandise, and 4H animals kids have raised.

So when I go just walk around and look and touch and wish I had cash to buy what every I wanted...I will remember - Summer is ending soon, school is starting, and life as I know it will be back to normal...but for a few hours I can pretend that I am not an adult and just have some fun!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Perfect Storm...As I Know It

Did you ever feel like you were in the middle of something so swirly and twirly that you felt like you were in the middle of the Perfect Storm? Stuff coming at you from all sides....and you're on your Lil' boat all by yourself with no life jacket in site? Perfect Store came and went so fast  --- it was like a when (according to Eminem) "a tornado meets a volcano." (I just like the song...not the meaning behind it!)

What I want to know is WTF is going on these days? Is everyone in a funk? Several people I know are struggling with events in their lives that just DON'T need to be happening. What happened to good ol' communication and the like. Don't people talk any more...just ASSUME? And you know what that gets you...right?

I decided to take things in my own hands and gain some control in my doing the right thing and communicating. Duh...I feel so much better....WTF?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Demolition Derby 2010..... dear peeps..If you haven't been to a Demolition Derby recently (or at all) you must take yourself there! It is a blast. I went with the Pit Crew for the Pink Taco on Date Saturday Night and haven't had such raw excitement running through my body for a long time! Love watching those cars crash-n-burn. The exhilaration of the the crowd...cheering on their fav...the announcer booming out over the loud speakers, each drivers' hits, blow-by-blow....I'm telling you - there's nothing like it for this lil' country gal!!!

We ran in the 2nd to last heat of the evening...there were supposed to be 5 cars in the heat but only 2 showed. But...what a performance those two drivers gave the crowd. Of course, the Pink Taco took 1st Place - a huge trophy and cash prize. 

Here are some highlights of one of the heats.....This will have to do until I get a copy of THE PINK TACO in action....