Saturday, August 14, 2010

The County Fair is HERE!

I LOVE the County Fair in my hometown. Every year, I hear many of my friends say, "I hate the Fair..I'm not going" and my question is "WHY?" (Of course, I run into those same people at the Fair every year, haha!) 

Some of my fondest childhood memories are around going to our County Fair...the Fair was a culmination of what Summer was all about,  you know - having a great time with friends...just hanging out, the excitement of meeting some new friends, the crazy scary Carney people and that whole freaky thing, the rides, the smell - ah.. the smell of corn dogs, caramel corn, the animals poop...and, of course, the Fair meant school would start soon. A bummer then, a blessing now!!

But what I love most about the County Fair, running into people I haven't seen in years while walking around to all the buildings & booths to see all the crafts (where else would I buy my toe ring? I think I've bought them from the same guy for the past 10 + years), merchandise, and 4H animals kids have raised.

So when I go just walk around and look and touch and wish I had cash to buy what every I wanted...I will remember - Summer is ending soon, school is starting, and life as I know it will be back to normal...but for a few hours I can pretend that I am not an adult and just have some fun!!