Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Poem...OMG Look at the Date!!

My Bleeding Heart

Reach out…
Just once and touch my Heart
But Gently for it bleeds.
Once…I gave it long ago
I gave it willingly.
That hand
That I once gave my Heart
Squeezed…So very tight.
Before I had a chance to love
That Heart of mine took flight.
Years…spent on looking back, now
In the distance, I see you
Maybe…time has healed my Heart
Reach out…
But gently do.
                                                Debralee 1980

Helloooooo.....I'm Still Here!

Came across a poem I wrote some years back....wonder where my head was! haha


I reach out my heart to only…
Find pieces lying by the roadside
In tangled tumbleweeds and hotness…
While my body burns slowly, quietly
Fueled by my desire for that which eludes me.

And now, as I come up for air…
The wall is once again in place
This time to stay.
No place for miniscule feelings to tear it down
As my heart lies buried beneath the pillars of stone…
Desire wanes and it burns no more.
~ Debralee

Ever have a day like that? Glad things are going so much better in my life these days...but when I get depressed or just down-in-the-dumps....I am able to write...go figure!