Friday, January 29, 2010

Web Designer for Hire!!!

One web site (Certified Automotive Repair) is almost done, needs just a few more tweaks, and I am finally working on my own now. Creative Web Solutions 4U. Yes, I know its one hell-of-a long name...but the alternatives when searching for a domain name were slim pickin's. I've just begun the arduous task of working on the copy, so let me know what you think...but don't be too hard on me yet cuz its no where near done!!! The header will change, I am having the graphic artist I work with snazz it up a bit. The new header is UP!!! Between this work and the Cookie Lee business, I am hoping I can continue as a self-employed, independent contractor.  (I can now take credit card orders for payment for either business too.)

Rough as it is at times, I really do like being my own boss. I have the discipline and self-motivation (that's called...NEED MONEY) and the passion to do this kind of work, sooooo I am keeping my fingers crossed that the economy starts moving in a positive direction and people will be able to put money back into their businesses. My niche, here, is contractors and small businesses who do not have a presence on the Web/Internet yet, but need one to stay competitive.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Waving at the Rain through my Window....

I am beginning to think my humor (for what it is) jumped ship and went down with the Titanic.
Is nothing funny anymore? I don't get scared (I watched, laughed at Paranormal Activity) by myself, in the dark, but my humor, and what I thought was funny in the movie, was badly placed I think. It seems as if life gets too busy or complicated for some of us bloggers and we don't, or can't find much more stuff that is funny or interesting for us to write about or maybe just have a boring life like me. My fellow blogger, Skyler's Dad - Some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps - was actually thinking, or is thinking about not blogging any more or taking a hiatus. NO WAY can he JUST STOP...THE HORROR....I love reading his blog. I understand the reasons...but I am hoping he changes his mind!!! (Hope you read THIS!!)

I think my first few months at it were my best at blogging...fresh words, excitement to blog, and a whole lot of stories to tell. Now...ugh..just boring, everyday routine..that just suck the big one! Even resident goofball and the one I love to tell stories about isn't giving me any good fodder to use. E-gads.....OK...I am lying...we do have PLENTY of DRAMA here, but reeeeeallly...who wants to hear mother-daughter drama day in and day out? NOT me. is some good juice. MY mother is getting a divorce after 37 years with my step-father. 30 of those being married and living in the same house. She is getting her own apartment, moving about an hour from here (LEAVING ME!!!.....waaaaaa), and starting a new life of her own. Now that is a huge step and she deserves a huge kudos for taking back her life and not looking back.  

Yes, it is hard, and is very sad and I wish she did not have to go through this...but it IS a good thing...really. I will miss her being so close. I guess its time for me to grow up. Bummer...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the Pursuit of My Happyness....

I have worked off a laptop for years....through 3 years of online schooling...last year with Twolia and now, while starting my own business in web design, etc. know what???  I FINALLY, Yes FINALLY took my last few bucks out of the bank and bought myself a BIG monitor. A 21 inch HD LCD one! What a difference! WhoHoo....I can actually see my work in detail without neck and eye strain. I so wish I shoulda, woulda, coulda done it years ago. Now I have two screens to work from. Life is SWEET!

Doesn't take much these days to make my day better...does it? Not a whole lot going on with this chick at the moment but work and taking care of Sweetpea. I do get joy from working on a project from start to finish. The perfectionist in me and my attention to detail can make it a very arduous task, but does fulfill the Pursuit of My Happyness. I am morphing into a computer tech-type geek and actually finding I am loosing my ability to use my common sense. Why can't I have both? Can I only be one or the other? Oh...sigh.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

What In the Heck Have I DONE!!!!

As I continue to expand my knowledge base and my head is filled with visions of HTML code (i.e. divs, tables, and CSS) I know it is all for a just bank account. Yes, friends, as I pursue a business of my own creating dynamic web sites for other businesses, I realize how much I have to offer them. With the experience I have gained by getting my Bachelors degree in Business/Marketing (and those were a very, very, long and difficult three years) and last year with Twolia, I believe I will do well in the field of Web Design, Internet Marketing and Social Networking. I am using a great new software program to build my sites and I am finding it extremely useful in my time management too. 

Also, while building the web design business, I have had to supplement my income in other ways. So...I have become an Independent Cookie Lee Consultant. Yes peeps....I can now order any piece of jewelry you want from the Spring / Summer 2010 Cookie Lee catalog collection. I have worn it for years now and ONLY promote things that I completely, and whole-heartedly believe in. So this...I can DO. 

I don't plan on doing the shows...just the catalog orders. If you want to order something or know someone who does...just let me know. You can email me at debralee.cookielee at I will be placing orders by the end of each month unless its a larger order.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Bit Out There....No Doubt!

Where have you been Charlie Brown? Snoopy has missed you...

I have been remiss in my blogging duties of late. This week was a busy one. I had a great meeting with a web designer who gave me some terrific advice and the up and up on web-hosting, and a software program that has made a huge impact on the ease and time needed in building websites. I have spent the last few days playing working with this new program and I love it. can call me nerdy, techy, bitch, or whatever you want...but I just LOVE this stuff. I have so many great ideas and much to do this year, I haven't had a chance to think about the fact there is no income coming in as of yet. All in due time though, my friends. 

I am so glad it is a great dance workout and then out to lunch with all the girls women from class. We drink, eat, and talk about everything under the sun. They guys at the restaurant/bar know when we come in...its going to get interesting. We have a great time and there's nothing like a bunch of hot, sweaty women in a bar to bring in the customers!! Woohoo! 

I am planning on working through the weekend, making potential client lists and getting my own web site up and running. I will post it when its up!!!  

Creative Web Solutions 4U


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yea for the Day!!!

My computer is OK for now. Thanks to the cute dude at the computer shop. computer did come up with another virus yesterday, but I was able to do a scan with AVG and remove it. I hope! I am hopelessly chained to this laptop and will definitely do a compete backup immediately to thwart any loss of important files, etc. I have also removed my profile from a few places (dating sites) that I believe may have nasties - men and viruses - attached to them as well.

My New Years had major flaws.....although it started as a good time with my best guy took a big turn and the last few hours sucked as he drank more and more. And as people can get when drunk...more obnoxious. Ughy Ugh...makes me really not like alcohol all that much (or I should say excessive amounts of alcohol that much). But I have been there before and he has taken good care of me harm - no foul. All is forgiven for now. Of occasional reminder of what really transpired will be my prerogative. and you BET I will remind him of his bad behavior when given the chance.

What again were my New Year's resolutions? I must go to my previous post and check them out....and see if I am on track. haha