Friday, January 29, 2010

Web Designer for Hire!!!

One web site (Certified Automotive Repair) is almost done, needs just a few more tweaks, and I am finally working on my own now. Creative Web Solutions 4U. Yes, I know its one hell-of-a long name...but the alternatives when searching for a domain name were slim pickin's. I've just begun the arduous task of working on the copy, so let me know what you think...but don't be too hard on me yet cuz its no where near done!!! The header will change, I am having the graphic artist I work with snazz it up a bit. The new header is UP!!! Between this work and the Cookie Lee business, I am hoping I can continue as a self-employed, independent contractor.  (I can now take credit card orders for payment for either business too.)

Rough as it is at times, I really do like being my own boss. I have the discipline and self-motivation (that's called...NEED MONEY) and the passion to do this kind of work, sooooo I am keeping my fingers crossed that the economy starts moving in a positive direction and people will be able to put money back into their businesses. My niche, here, is contractors and small businesses who do not have a presence on the Web/Internet yet, but need one to stay competitive.


Mox said...

It looks great! Good for you. I'm rooting for ya.

Katie said...

Great job on the website. I cant wait till we can get ours. It looks fantastic.

Debralee said...

Thanks guys! It has definitely been a process learning the "Ropes" and how to put it all together. I am loving it though and feel good about the future. In the meantime...Cookie Lee should help too!