Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vegas Baby...Vegas!!!

The day has FINALLY come. I am on my way to Las Vegas this evening for the big "job interview" and subsequent training. I will be there for several days and I am hoping to have some R&R while there. You know the type "Wheel OF Fortune" my favorite game to play!!! I am not much of a gambler, but that game sucks me in every time I pass one by.

I only hope I have packed enough clothes....right...I have more luggage this trip than went down on the Titanic. My can never be too prepared. I must have business clothes, casual business clothes, dressy casual clothes, bumming clothes, and of course, dressy clothes in case I get the opportunity to go pick up on some hot stud out on the town.

I haven't gone anywhere for so long...although this is a business trip...I feel very liberated! An adult in an adult world for 4 nights and 4 days...woohoo!!!

Wish me luck on all endeavors ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Fashion Trends and Handbags

Although we are NOT having a Spring here, we can still think about dressing for the occasion. Our local stores are full of Spring clothing and the colors are great this year. I really love the soft, sage greens that are out and the vibrant pinks and fuchsias. Things are selling out fast and if you haven't picked up your Spring may be out-of-luck. The economy seems to be doing better and people are spending money on non-essentials. (Nice for the retailers!). This is a must-have this Spring....The SAK Artist Circle Cross-Body handbag. You can find it at

I have been preparing for a, much anticipated, trip next weekend and have had to purchase a few items to supplement my very unprofessional looking wardrobe. What I found while shopping is - sale prices are good and there is lots to choose from on the racks....some of the big retail clothing stores are marking down items, and there are some great bargains to be had! Nordstrom Rack was a goldmine for business attire and the shoe sale at Macy's was awesome too. My two fav places to shop when I have money to spend.

Sweetpea did well at the teen stores...Forever 21, Love Culture, Charlotte Russe, and all the other basic hangouts for girls her age. She is definitely a bargain shopper (I've taught her well) and she immediately goes to the sale racks when entering a it!!!

OK...we just love to shop......what girl doesn't????

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fake Nails....

Sweetpea talked me into getting some of those glue-on fake nails for her last night and I ended up putting some on too. Now, I don't usually do fake nails as my own grow quite nicely, but recently my nails have looked pretty trashy. Stress maybe??? Anyway, the damn things are KILLING ME. Every finger hurts like heck and I am unable to complete the simplest of tasks like buttoning and zipping up clothes and other more personal duties without them feeling weird and uncomfortable. 

UGH....I don't think they will come off easy either. I don't know what to do...just wait until the glue wears off or try to pop them off myself? The only good thing about this all is that they do look really, really nice for fake nails and Sweetpea also liked how they felt when I scratched her back last night. Hmmmm, maybe that was the whole devious plot...she wanted me to have nails for her back!!!!

Anyway....Tay, (momma goat) has found a way out of our yard that last few days. Much to our surprise, and I think hers, on Monday afternoon - there she was looking at us from the other side of the fence! Goats have that "deer in the headlights look" too. So, with a little shake of the coffee can full of grain....she slowly followed Sweetpea back to our yard with no problem. I couldn't find a hole in the fence, so I was a bit perplexed. Then, for the next few days we were finding her out at least once a day! A bit of Houdini blood??? But, I fix HER! Another two rows of barbwire and more fencing up in the back and damn...she better NOT be able to escape again. (Seriously, I think it was by accident...she just pushed on the fence and crawled through in a few places.)

If only I could spend this much time and energy with a man, life would be sweet...sigh. I wonder if that will ever happen, but then again I don't have much spare time as it is to even look.....

UPDATE 5/24/10 - The nails are still ON...How do I get them off???? Talk about super glue! Yikes!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When it Pours!!! HAS been literally raining and pouring around here for months now, but what I am referring to is WORK... I have been besieged by work and all things related to working. That includes the following: 
  • House work
  • Yard work
  • Child work
  • Home work
  • Cookie Lee work
  • Creative Web Solutions 4U website work, and
  • the possibility of 40 hour a week Work work!
I have cleaned the outside of my house, the yard, side patio I put in last summer, cleaned off and painted the front porch (all the crap is GONE!), rearranged the living room, put all my western stuff away, hung sheers, cleaned both my closets out (just so you know they are each about maybe 4' wide each...very tiny!), cleaned the top of the kitchen cabinets off and washed all the crap there (putting away the country looking stuff), and finally.....cleaned my office out to ready myself for a new adventure that just might be in the horizon.

The goats are doing a great job of cleaning out the blackberries and any other edible thing in the back yard, 40, whatever you want to call it...That is one place my cleaning services are NOT needed for now. Whew...I'm tired just thinking about it! 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Puddin & Tay...

OK...maybe Puddin & Tay are not quite as cute as the two goat in the wagon, but they hold their own. The baby (Puddin) is wild as they come. I prefer to call her "Wild Thing" but Sweetpea won't have it...It's "Puddin" she says. OK, OK! Momma (Tay) is a bit more friendly and is totally getting that we ARE NOT the enemy. I have started leaving some cobb (feed) by the front gate and she knows that I deliver...haha. She should be called "Piggy" she does not share with the baby. Of course, the baby is not hers so I guess she doesn't feel the need. 

Tay IS very protective of the Puddin though....Must be motherly instinct. She won't share the grain, but she will stand over her while she sleeps (keeping guard) and herd her away from what she considers a threat. Very interesting to watch this all unfold.

The back fence was not quite up to par to keep them in sooooooo.....yesterday I pounded in four (4) more 8' T-posts (ugh, I am sore) and ran two stands of barb wire fencing...about 200'. I am morphing into the Goat Woman....rancher mama! So much work and so little time and no man around to help out I don't want to push my luck asking the Bros to help anymore.

I did promise some pics of the finished here they are! Puddin is in the first one. Tay is in the second photo and both in the last. Check out the fancy fencing and gate we put up!!