Sunday, May 2, 2010

Puddin & Tay...

OK...maybe Puddin & Tay are not quite as cute as the two goat in the wagon, but they hold their own. The baby (Puddin) is wild as they come. I prefer to call her "Wild Thing" but Sweetpea won't have it...It's "Puddin" she says. OK, OK! Momma (Tay) is a bit more friendly and is totally getting that we ARE NOT the enemy. I have started leaving some cobb (feed) by the front gate and she knows that I deliver...haha. She should be called "Piggy" she does not share with the baby. Of course, the baby is not hers so I guess she doesn't feel the need. 

Tay IS very protective of the Puddin though....Must be motherly instinct. She won't share the grain, but she will stand over her while she sleeps (keeping guard) and herd her away from what she considers a threat. Very interesting to watch this all unfold.

The back fence was not quite up to par to keep them in sooooooo.....yesterday I pounded in four (4) more 8' T-posts (ugh, I am sore) and ran two stands of barb wire fencing...about 200'. I am morphing into the Goat Woman....rancher mama! So much work and so little time and no man around to help out I don't want to push my luck asking the Bros to help anymore.

I did promise some pics of the finished here they are! Puddin is in the first one. Tay is in the second photo and both in the last. Check out the fancy fencing and gate we put up!!