Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When it Rains...it Pours!!!

OK...it HAS been literally raining and pouring around here for months now, but what I am referring to is WORK... I have been besieged by work and all things related to working. That includes the following: 
  • House work
  • Yard work
  • Child work
  • Home work
  • Cookie Lee work
  • Creative Web Solutions 4U website work, and
  • the possibility of 40 hour a week Work work!
I have cleaned the outside of my house, the yard, side patio I put in last summer, cleaned off and painted the front porch (all the crap is GONE!), rearranged the living room, put all my western stuff away, hung sheers, cleaned both my closets out (just so you know they are each about maybe 4' wide each...very tiny!), cleaned the top of the kitchen cabinets off and washed all the crap there (putting away the country looking stuff), and finally.....cleaned my office out to ready myself for a new adventure that just might be in the horizon.

The goats are doing a great job of cleaning out the blackberries and any other edible thing in the back yard, 40, whatever you want to call it...That is one place my cleaning services are NOT needed for now. Whew...I'm tired just thinking about it!