Thursday, December 31, 2009

Facebook Drama

Users BEWARE. I just got my computer back from the shop. It cost me $150 and 3 days of no work and all because of a nasty virus I got from a Facebook friend. PLEASE be very cautious when opening any links from emails or messages from friends. This totally sucked the big one. As Catherinette asked on a previous post..."What did Santa bring you?". I could have replied "Money to go shopping at the Mall...woohoo!", but unfortunately, it was used for this damn computer.

I am trying to start my own business and without a computer and my files...I couldn't do much for a few days. Of course, this was a good time to be laid up as NO ONE is working anyway.

Just be very, very careful my friends. Facebook is an awesome place to socialize, but anything outside of the actual facebook site should not be used, opened, looked at...YOU GOT IT???

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's and uses good judgment when drinking and driving if going out this evening. See ya'll next year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

To My Peeps....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome Back....

What a great trip we had in San Francisco. I cannot begin to tell you what a truly wonderful, giving, and selfless person by friend is. She is the Energize Bunny and then some. Christmas for Sweetpea was good this year because of her generosity. First we went to see Avatar - OMG it was the BEST EVER. Anyone who does NOT see this movie at the theater is missing out on an a truly magnificent piece of art. James Cameron is a genius filmmaker. I can see why it took so long to get it into production. The beauty of the scenery, the storyline, absolutely everything was done to perfection. A MUST see in 3D.

Lots of shopping was accomplished...of course, what I got will be shared with Sweetpea and what she got is off-limits to me...but really, I am OK with much as I do bitch about it...I am tickled that she finds my clothes cool enough to wear.

The City was beautiful and lots of Christmas lights to look at on the way home. We made one more stop at the mall on the way home and NEVER again will I go there the week of Christmas. It took us 45 min. to just get off the top deck of the parking lot. It was a nightmare.

OK...New Year's resolutions....
  1. Loose 5 lbs (I would feel much better.)
  2. Get a full time job! (It would feel even better than loosing the 5 lbs.)
  3. Sign up for night classes.
  4. Keep Sweetpea on track at school.
  5. Maybe do some dating???
  6. Go through and throw out all the stuff we are not using around the house to remove the clutter.
  7. Have a yard sale!!
Its a start....what are your New Year resolutions or goals for 2010?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Screwed by the State and then some...

To be screwed by that very entity that you are supposed to have faith in is almost like your BF or Husband cheating on you. Same fricking suckness. Unemployment may NOT be coming through after all. My IC status of the last year has clouded my ability to collect or at least for now when the funds are needed the most. What is a person to do? I am reaching an all time low in my life...(just a few more moment of the bitch-fest and I will be done) and contemplating applying for a caregiver job at the local Senior center. Is this a bad thing? I think not...really...Food on the table and money to pay the mortgage is imperative and time is running out. OK I am DONE...moving on to the brighter things in life like our trip this weekend.

San Francisco during the holidays is most spectacular. We have been taking this trip for years now and it never gets old. I don't think we are going to make the King Tut exhibit this trip, but the ambiance of the city will be enough for me.

My Sweetpea has been very sweet during this challenging time and understands the need for thriftiness in the gift-giving/receiving department. Her list has changed, as has mine. What at one time was a extravagant display of spending on friends and family (shopping at only the best stores and high-end gifts) has become a more intimate form of what small item means the most right now. A truly thoughtful gift from the heart is more in the Christmas spirit anyway. Giving those few precious dollars to the bell ringers of the Salvation Army are more important than the bottle of booze to someone who really doesn't need it!

New Year's resolutions coming the meantime...wish me luck on the job search!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Diary....

Dear Diary....I had the same dream again last night...the one where I meet the stranger with the piercing blue eyes, black hair, and a smokin' hot bod. I don't know why I keep having this dream. It's like I've known this guy my whole, entire life..but for the life of me, I don't recognize him. The feelings we have for each other are sooo intense, so real.

The dream takes place in France, he has a total accent (cus, he's French)...duh. I am there visiting on the first real vacation I have had in years. Deciding to go by myself to see some of the countryside and a bit of history. Little did I know that when I rented the stupid car from the airport car rental shop, the car was on its last leg. Yep...I was taken and taken good. So, there I was broken down by the side of the road, no idea of what I was going to do and this guy pulls up along side me and asks if I need help. I swooned (I actually now know what swooning is!) and before I could answer he was out under the hood of my, poor excuse of a, car. He said, "Start it up!" I did, and it did. Wow! Wasn't I lucky he came by when he was just getting dark. I thanked him profusely and asked what I owed him. He said, "Just one kiss will do." How could I kiss a total stranger...a beautiful one, no less, but still....what if he was a serial killer or something.

He just stood there with his head tilted to one side waiting for my answer. As I stood there looking at him, I thought to myself...this seems soooo familiar. Then I realized...I saw something similar to this on Brothers & Sisters a few weeks ago. It was Gilles Marini staring at me and that is some smokin HOT SHIT. AND it was JUST A DREAM....Bummer! It seamed so real...and for a brief moment...I almost had my Knight in Shining Armour.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deck the Halls and all that stuff.....

Christmas is just around the corner friends...are you ready? Should I give you the number of days left? NO? Well, I have done some shopping, but due to my unemployment status, I am at the mercy of the State of California and its stupid claim system. I am now stuck in the cluster F*%K of the frustrating kind when dealing with any government agency and do you think I could speak to a live person? seems to be the only way to reach them these just sucks...

So...the lists are small and the gifts are carefully chosen with the utmost care to ensure I get the perfect gift for those select few. Of course, my daughter has a HUGE list of wants, but also is old enough to understand the situation and is being so careful of what she lists on her list. Bless her beautiful, big heart...

We've had a huge snow storm earlier in the week and still have tons of snow left...but the ice is what is still a bitch in getting around...The temp has been in the 20's and after doing a Matrix move in the front yard Tuesday morning...I went and got some salt to melt it away (it worked) so at least I won't break my neck on my property!

The highlight of our year is our annual Christmas Shopping trip to San Francisco to spend a few days with my BFF (Donna) from high school. We always have such a great time. This year we are going just before Christmas and hope to see Jack London Square and other areas of the city all decorated. (We saw the Christmas Boat Parade last year!) We are also going to try and get to the King Tutankhamun and the Golden Age Exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. WooHoo....We have both wanted to see this exhibit for a very long time. (I must thank the History Channel for inspiring my daughter in the pursuit of my obsession....Egyptology!!) for family and friends and a little bit of culture thrown in...that's all I want for Christmas this season.

Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Land of Far Far Away

My dear friends...I have been gone far to long...gone to a place...Far Far Away...

Only in fairytales and movies does the heroine ride away into the sunset with her handsome knight...of course unless you are watching Shrek and then you (lucky girl) get an Ogre as your prize. I can easily see myself in such a place....with such a man. But really is just a story. My story is a bit more on the boring, mundane--yet complicated side. To know me...doesn't necessarily mean you will love me too. A hard worker I am...a pain in the ass I can be. (Ask my family these days.) I just ask for a fair deal, the ability to prove myself, and confidence in my decisions. I have not made it this far without some mistakes...but for each one I have a gray hair!! So no more mistakes!! haha

Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Moly It's Friday Already

Of all weekends to schedule a volleyball tournament, it would be when I have scheduled time for myself. Tonight is Bunco Night, so its off to watch Caitlin play for a few hours (I'm hoping to catch two matches) then some girlfriend time. Tomorrow they play too, but I have scheduled my Aveda facial & pedi (Christmas gift) which will last for hours! OK...the choices are volleyball? or pampering? OMG....Which would YOU choose, if you were a stressed-out, working, single-mom? I feel guilty, but I am going to choose BonBon's and let them do their stuff.

We have been working so hard these last few weeks to populate the Twolia Music & Store sites, a few hours of down-time will do some good for revitalizing and refreshing my creativity and critical thinking stills. Yes, I do have those now and I do my best thinking, when not trying to...or when Shopping!!

Speaking of shopping, I have looked for a dress for next weekend's wedding and thanks to my lovely BFF, Phyllis, I have a beautiful black dress to wear, and no moola out-of-pocket. It is perfect! I just hope the weather is gorgeous too. So here is my goodies pick for the week. Our new Twolia Promo got to love it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is. . . All in the Handbag

WHERE has the time gone these days?? I am sooo trying to be faithful at updating all you loyal FANS who read my blog. OK...FAN...but still since writing is a total stress release, putting down a few sentences every few days shouldn't be too hard for, to explain where the time has actually gone...Twolia is now LIVE (yes...everything is up and working) and we are anticipating a mass rush to sign-on from the millions of women entrepreneurs looking for a platform for their music and products (handcrafted or otherwise)! Alright, maybe not millions, but I will take a few hundred thousand :)

Any who...Spring is now here and it is time to change that nasty handbag you have been carrying around all winter to a fresh, new look. If you have seen an awesome bag somewhere online and want me to post about it...let me know. Here is my choice for Spring...a luscious orange distressed push lock bag by Melie Bianco. To purchase, just click on the bag....this is similar to mine, but a bit more pricey than I paid last year.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Twilight Time

Ah...the serenity of a Sunday without anything more pressing to do than read my new book. Not quite the Sunday morning comics of the past....but now I know what all the hype has been about with the book and movie Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (truly an amazing story on how she got published too). I just finished the book in record time - less than 24 hours. I am totally hooked and will now HAVE to buy the box- set as I had originally planned. So, how do I find the time to read a book in such a short amount of time? Of course, no teenager at home demanding my attention. I wallowed in the unbelievable bliss of my own time clock, marched to my own drum. You know what I mean. . .Loved the book and it very much reminded me of Anne Rice 's vampire series (read all of those too). I am a complete sucker for bad boys!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009 the morning started out good, then went way down hill from there. You know, teenage drama queen and stressed-out mom. As usual we had an argument on the way to school. I felt terrible, I can tell she was mad as heck at me. Ugh...So mid-morning I sent her a text saying "I love you sweetpea." I got a text right back from her saying she loved me too.....(big sigh) I FELT so much better and I think she did too. It took seconds to make a better day for both of us! Most everyone knows I am NOT a huge fan of texting if it is not welcome, in fact, it can be quite annoying, but I knew this was the right thing to do. So was the bubble bath this stress in my life tonight. Of course, the night is still young!

Oh...and for you handbag snobs like of the lovely Twolia bloggers, Fashion's Side dish: Boots, Bags, Baubles and more, had this on her blog today...totally awesome and a have-to-have someday, Diane Patent handbag.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why isn't Monday, Friday?

That was one short weekend and this will be one long week. GoldCalJr. Volleyball was ALL day Saturday and although lots of fun to watch, it does make the weekend go by too fast. Leaving Sunday for housecleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. no wonder I am tired already! While I read up on all those Twolia & Blogger blogs I love to follow (check out my blogroll...I am still updating), I still have to find time to write my own. I am Twittering these can find me here TwoliaDeb. OK...I am getting tech-ier (is that a really word?) by the day...but shopping is still my first love! I want to get the Twilight book series at Amazon soon. I am sure I can make some time to read these...Caitlin may like them too. Who knows?