Thursday, March 12, 2009 the morning started out good, then went way down hill from there. You know, teenage drama queen and stressed-out mom. As usual we had an argument on the way to school. I felt terrible, I can tell she was mad as heck at me. Ugh...So mid-morning I sent her a text saying "I love you sweetpea." I got a text right back from her saying she loved me too.....(big sigh) I FELT so much better and I think she did too. It took seconds to make a better day for both of us! Most everyone knows I am NOT a huge fan of texting if it is not welcome, in fact, it can be quite annoying, but I knew this was the right thing to do. So was the bubble bath this stress in my life tonight. Of course, the night is still young!

Oh...and for you handbag snobs like of the lovely Twolia bloggers, Fashion's Side dish: Boots, Bags, Baubles and more, had this on her blog today...totally awesome and a have-to-have someday, Diane Patent handbag.