Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update from the Goat Lady...

Gee thanks cuz...I am now known to my family as the "Goat Lady." The only problem is...I DON'T HAVE ANY GOATS YET!!! So theoretically they can't call me that. The fence is up..thanks to my awesome brothers we put it all up last Sunday. It was a perfect day for hard labor (yes...we had snow again yesterday)! We installed about 26 - 8' T-posts and about 300' of fencing with a gate!!

Now...I just need the goats!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Biggest Pet Peeve!!!

People who don't even drive the speed limit! This drives me absolutely nuts. Take this's raining cats and dogs and I take a friend of mine's daughter to school most mornings. I leave early to get her there on time (once I made her late and I felt terrible). Well, we are cruising right along and then it happens...we get behind slow-pokey malokey! OMG WHY ME!! This old MF person was driving 20-25 mph in a 35 mph zone...DAMN! We had probably 100 4 miles or so to go before we reached the school and no place to pass. This SA (stupid ass) guy was in his own little world at 8:00 in the MORNING!!! WTF people....look around you and see the traffic piling up! He wasn't even going the speed limit!!! 

People are commuting to work and parents are trying to get their kids to school at this time! This is really frustrating and one of my biggest pet peeves. I will bitch and complain when they are just going the speed limit too, but I am OK with it (alright, I still get pissed, but nothing I can do about it..they are within the law). This kind of - I DON"T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT ANYONE ELSE- attitude is what really sets me off. Now I know how road rage happens. You get some stupid MF dumb ass driver taking a Sunday drive during rush hour and someone cracks!!!!

I would love to hear some of your pet peeves..please share if you have a good one.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What Have I DONE???? Read on...

With all the rain we have received, my yard has exploded!! I have HUGE patches of blackberries and I am NOT going to try and cut them down again...they just grow right back! So.....I have come up with a plan....I am getting goats! Yes, I will have a mommy and baby goat mowing my back 40 all summer long! Hallelujah. My aching back can't take mowing that darn hill any longer and this, my friends, is a natural remedy to my blackberry issue. BUT, (always a but) in order to keep the goats in --- I have to build a fence. What have I done? Approximately 30 fence posts must be drilled into the ground at least 2' deep with this thing, called a post driver, weighing a few hundred pounds on its own. (OK, maybe not that much, but its damn heavy!) Try lifting that thing and pounding in 30 +/- stakes on your thank you! 

So, I enlisted the help of my wonderful brothers. What are brothers for anyway? All that hard stuff that we can't do ourselves (or don't want to!). After the posts go in -- then we have to stretch the fencing out and those roll weight even more. Approximately 300' of fencing to stretch, wire onto the posts, and cut to fit, and of course I will need a gate to get in and out of the property. Definitely a 3+ person job...wouldn't you agree! Thus, the calling on my bros..

Why, Oh Why did I do this to myself? Cause I'm lazy and don't want to cut down the blackberry bushes? Lets see how I am feeling come Monday morning...and I just thank God it's rained all week and soften the ground!!!

Pics will be coming of before and after!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Follow Fellow Bloggers....Join the Blog Hop

I haven't been on the Friday Follow hop for a while now...but I am back! Please join us, meet new fellow bloggers (some really cool people out there) and have some fun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Different Ways to Say No to Your Child

I wonder how many of you go through the same scenario I do, day after day, with a child who asks you something they know your going to say "No" to, but....they still ask anyway. My daughter will even say..."You're probably going to say no, but...?" What the heck is she thinking? Of course, I am going to say NO when she puts it that way! For one thing...there must be something up or she wouldn't assume I will say NO. Kids these days totally think their parents don't know a thing. Did I think that of my mother? So sorry Mom...You did know a thing or two...I didn't ....and my teen-age daughter has a few to learn still. So, how many ways can a parent say no?
  1. No, not tonight. (Mom is tired and doesn't want to do anything other than cook, do the laundry, pick up the house, and finish up the dishes.)
  2. No, because I said so. (I love this one...there is absolutely no reason given, I just say no.)
  3. No, you are still grounded, aren't you? (I do tend to forget that I've grounded her sometimes.)
  4. No, not until you clean your room. (this will take an act of God to get it usually works.)
  5. No, because I already told you no so don't ask again. (She was testing me to see if I would change my mind...I know how she thinks!)
Ok, I've run out of reasons to say NO to my child...haha just kidding....but I would like to know what yours are and I will add them to my list!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finally a Spring Day....WooHoo!

Talk about a wet start to Spring. Some around here even got snow on Easter Day. We weren't able to hold our annual Easter Egg Hunt either. Our kids are almost grown and I really wanted t squeeze in a few more of them before they were too old to partake in the fun. I still like the thrill of the hunt so maybe we will get lucky and get a few more years out of them!

Business is really going well. If you haven't checked out either of my web are their links:

Creative Web Solutions 4U
Cookie Lee Fashion Jewelry

I am finding the days are going by so fast that the days done before I am finished with my TO DO list. Ever feel as though you will never get that list done in one day?? I always have some left over items to complete and they just get added on to the next days TO DO list.

Currently I am on the hunt for some FAB handbags to share with y'all because that's what I do. Yep...collect handbags or at least covet those I cannot have. I have seen a few beauties so far and the list will be mighty fine and affordable too. In my current unemployment status...I am reduced to the coveting for now.....but I will give you some ideas for Summer Shopping.

Our favorite shows these days seem to be all on the SyFy channel. Image a syfy geek too...but we LOVE Merlin, which just came back for the 2nd season, and Warehouse 13...I think its 2nd season premiers in August??? I cannot HANDLE any of the reality shows out except for American Idol. To me its not really a reality show..but I know it does fall into that category. We have an AI potluck every Tuesday and I enjoy the gathering as much as watching the show!!!

OK...its back to work for now...ciao!