Thursday, June 2, 2011

AWOL...Yes....that's Me

My dear friends and followers...I have been so neglectful in my personal writings (I believe due to the amount of time I spend already dealing with articles, blogging for others, and editing the website and newsletter I work for), but here I am. Ready and willing to spill my guts again to you all....JK

I don't have much to report - I've just been busy with work, the house, yard, and all the animals we've collected, plus a teenager who is now driving (or pestering me to driving constantly since she has her permit).

For some reason I cannot recall those long lost days when I must have done the same thing with my mom. Are those brain cell the ones that have been destroyed through time or just not that important. I surely will remember the experience with MY daughter. Its enough to drive a parent crazy. Can't wait for her to get her own car!

Anyway...I am totally excited for next weeks concert with Donna in Oakland...we are taking a limo to go see U2...woohoo!!! How fun..I need a break at the moment although it will be a 24 our will be so worth it!

We also have a trip planned to Disneyland with Sweetpeas sistas coming up. It will be so good to see them all again...been almost a does time fly when you're busy!

Well...that's it for now...back to work and I will be checking is soon.