Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yea for the Day!!!

My computer is OK for now. Thanks to the cute dude at the computer shop. computer did come up with another virus yesterday, but I was able to do a scan with AVG and remove it. I hope! I am hopelessly chained to this laptop and will definitely do a compete backup immediately to thwart any loss of important files, etc. I have also removed my profile from a few places (dating sites) that I believe may have nasties - men and viruses - attached to them as well.

My New Years had major flaws.....although it started as a good time with my best guy took a big turn and the last few hours sucked as he drank more and more. And as people can get when drunk...more obnoxious. Ughy Ugh...makes me really not like alcohol all that much (or I should say excessive amounts of alcohol that much). But I have been there before and he has taken good care of me harm - no foul. All is forgiven for now. Of occasional reminder of what really transpired will be my prerogative. and you BET I will remind him of his bad behavior when given the chance.

What again were my New Year's resolutions? I must go to my previous post and check them out....and see if I am on track. haha


kys said...

Thanks for the follow. I'll be stalking, er, following you now.

I hope you have an awesome 2010!

Debralee said... too!!

Laura said...

I didn't know you were moving from Twolia too. Are you still working there?

Don't forget to change your link on Twitter too. Just visited you there.

PS - the link with this comment is my personal blog. You don't have your comments enabled to I can type in my blog link.