Friday, January 8, 2010

A Bit Out There....No Doubt!

Where have you been Charlie Brown? Snoopy has missed you...

I have been remiss in my blogging duties of late. This week was a busy one. I had a great meeting with a web designer who gave me some terrific advice and the up and up on web-hosting, and a software program that has made a huge impact on the ease and time needed in building websites. I have spent the last few days playing working with this new program and I love it. can call me nerdy, techy, bitch, or whatever you want...but I just LOVE this stuff. I have so many great ideas and much to do this year, I haven't had a chance to think about the fact there is no income coming in as of yet. All in due time though, my friends. 

I am so glad it is a great dance workout and then out to lunch with all the girls women from class. We drink, eat, and talk about everything under the sun. They guys at the restaurant/bar know when we come in...its going to get interesting. We have a great time and there's nothing like a bunch of hot, sweaty women in a bar to bring in the customers!! Woohoo! 

I am planning on working through the weekend, making potential client lists and getting my own web site up and running. I will post it when its up!!!  

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kys said...

I wish I had a group of girlfriends to drink, eat, and talk with! I hope you had a fun weekend!

Mox said...

I HAVE seen the lovely SweetPea on your fb page. She is a DOLL, just like her pretty mama.

Can't wait to see your website!