Monday, January 25, 2010

Waving at the Rain through my Window....

I am beginning to think my humor (for what it is) jumped ship and went down with the Titanic.
Is nothing funny anymore? I don't get scared (I watched, laughed at Paranormal Activity) by myself, in the dark, but my humor, and what I thought was funny in the movie, was badly placed I think. It seems as if life gets too busy or complicated for some of us bloggers and we don't, or can't find much more stuff that is funny or interesting for us to write about or maybe just have a boring life like me. My fellow blogger, Skyler's Dad - Some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps - was actually thinking, or is thinking about not blogging any more or taking a hiatus. NO WAY can he JUST STOP...THE HORROR....I love reading his blog. I understand the reasons...but I am hoping he changes his mind!!! (Hope you read THIS!!)

I think my first few months at it were my best at blogging...fresh words, excitement to blog, and a whole lot of stories to tell. Now...ugh..just boring, everyday routine..that just suck the big one! Even resident goofball and the one I love to tell stories about isn't giving me any good fodder to use. E-gads.....OK...I am lying...we do have PLENTY of DRAMA here, but reeeeeallly...who wants to hear mother-daughter drama day in and day out? NOT me. is some good juice. MY mother is getting a divorce after 37 years with my step-father. 30 of those being married and living in the same house. She is getting her own apartment, moving about an hour from here (LEAVING ME!!!.....waaaaaa), and starting a new life of her own. Now that is a huge step and she deserves a huge kudos for taking back her life and not looking back.  

Yes, it is hard, and is very sad and I wish she did not have to go through this...but it IS a good thing...really. I will miss her being so close. I guess its time for me to grow up. Bummer...


Mox said...

Aw, that is sad news. Good luck to your Mom.

I, too get the bloggin blahs sometimes. I think it's par for the course.