Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is a Name Really that Important????

If my name were Beatrice...would yo still love me??? Does a name make a person or does the person make their name suit them? I question this because I wonder if I had actually named Sweetpea, Sweetpea....would she just that....sweet all the time? 

As our kids grow up I question the impact that we as parents have had on them. Is she going to turn out to be a lovely, kind, generous woman or stay basically how she is know a teenager's attitude? Is it genetic or environmental which molds a child into the adult they become? This topic came up the other day with a group of dance friends and I wonder....which does have more impact and which trait can be changed.

I believe that somethings that are genetic will be the most difficult to change if at all, and environmental behaviors can be changed and are the ones that evolve over time making us who we really are. Any thoughts my friends??? Let me know what you think regarding genetic vs. environmental personality traits... Thanks!


Janine said...

I think people assosiate certain names with certain traits due to past people they have known with that name. Know what I mean?

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mommymommymommy said...

Happy Friday Follow! I saw your blog's name and just had to post adn follow! I have a 14.5 year old daughter...sweet, moody, sweet, moody, sweet...sigh.

I believe we are born with certain unchangeable genetic personality traits. That's nature.

Nurture plays a BIG role in how you develop as a person. While my oldest child is biological, my seven year old twins are adopted. Would my babies be the way they are today if raised by their biological parents?

Yes and no. My DD2 would still be a stubborn as the day is long. My son would still need a structured day to give him comfort.

But how we react to these personality traits also affects who they become. How we act teaches our children how to act when they are older, as they grow into adults that we have molded.

Erin said...

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Debralee said...

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