Friday, April 23, 2010

What Have I DONE???? Read on...

With all the rain we have received, my yard has exploded!! I have HUGE patches of blackberries and I am NOT going to try and cut them down again...they just grow right back! So.....I have come up with a plan....I am getting goats! Yes, I will have a mommy and baby goat mowing my back 40 all summer long! Hallelujah. My aching back can't take mowing that darn hill any longer and this, my friends, is a natural remedy to my blackberry issue. BUT, (always a but) in order to keep the goats in --- I have to build a fence. What have I done? Approximately 30 fence posts must be drilled into the ground at least 2' deep with this thing, called a post driver, weighing a few hundred pounds on its own. (OK, maybe not that much, but its damn heavy!) Try lifting that thing and pounding in 30 +/- stakes on your thank you! 

So, I enlisted the help of my wonderful brothers. What are brothers for anyway? All that hard stuff that we can't do ourselves (or don't want to!). After the posts go in -- then we have to stretch the fencing out and those roll weight even more. Approximately 300' of fencing to stretch, wire onto the posts, and cut to fit, and of course I will need a gate to get in and out of the property. Definitely a 3+ person job...wouldn't you agree! Thus, the calling on my bros..

Why, Oh Why did I do this to myself? Cause I'm lazy and don't want to cut down the blackberry bushes? Lets see how I am feeling come Monday morning...and I just thank God it's rained all week and soften the ground!!!

Pics will be coming of before and after!


SkylersDad said...

Good luck with the fence, I am looking forward to the photos!