Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finally a Spring Day....WooHoo!

Talk about a wet start to Spring. Some around here even got snow on Easter Day. We weren't able to hold our annual Easter Egg Hunt either. Our kids are almost grown and I really wanted t squeeze in a few more of them before they were too old to partake in the fun. I still like the thrill of the hunt so maybe we will get lucky and get a few more years out of them!

Business is really going well. If you haven't checked out either of my web are their links:

Creative Web Solutions 4U
Cookie Lee Fashion Jewelry

I am finding the days are going by so fast that the days done before I am finished with my TO DO list. Ever feel as though you will never get that list done in one day?? I always have some left over items to complete and they just get added on to the next days TO DO list.

Currently I am on the hunt for some FAB handbags to share with y'all because that's what I do. Yep...collect handbags or at least covet those I cannot have. I have seen a few beauties so far and the list will be mighty fine and affordable too. In my current unemployment status...I am reduced to the coveting for now.....but I will give you some ideas for Summer Shopping.

Our favorite shows these days seem to be all on the SyFy channel. Image a syfy geek too...but we LOVE Merlin, which just came back for the 2nd season, and Warehouse 13...I think its 2nd season premiers in August??? I cannot HANDLE any of the reality shows out except for American Idol. To me its not really a reality show..but I know it does fall into that category. We have an AI potluck every Tuesday and I enjoy the gathering as much as watching the show!!!

OK...its back to work for now...ciao!


SkylersDad said...

Warehouse 13 was my favorite new show last year! I can't wait for it to come back.

Debralee said...

Are you a SyFy buff too?? If you hear of it coming sooner...let me know. I am tired of the reruns. Have you watched Merlin...a bit more on the archaic, mythical spin, but it keeps close to the legends/stores or King Arthur. A good family show!

Roxy Teacups and Couture said...

I don't like reality shows , either... it's like if I want to see reality, I just look over to my family.