Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tell All Tuesday...Letting it Out Some More!!

That poor, poor dog next door. SANs (stupid ass neighbors) must be on vacation as they have been gone for the last week and a half leaving the dog in the backyard on her own. I felt sorry for her today, so I went down to go pet her and the dog is STARVING. She is sooo skinny, my heart went out to her. I ran back to the house and grabbed some dry dog food and she ate it so fast...it was gone in minutes. They do not DESERVE pets. My neighbor is calling Animal Control (she is a volunteer there) to come out and do an assessment on the poor thing. There is also a little black kitty locked up in the house. 

This is not the first time they (SANs) have left their pets alone and without essential needs. They just don't care. I will admit that they have made arrangements for someone to come by and check on them, but obviously it has not been often enough. This kind of disregard for life just drive me nuts. Again, these are people who are now fostering/adopting disabled kids. Makes me wonder the type of care they are getting as well. 

OK...its all out now and on to bigger and better things today. Sweetpea has a soccer game this afternoon and I am hoping to attend. They sure could use a win today. Keep your fingers crossed (toes too) and send some hope our way!!!

So glad Spring is on its way...of course, the lawn is growing fast and it will be another two weeks before I get my mower back from the repair shop. I guess everyone else had the same idea as me!! I will have to put the bunny and the tortoise out to pasture to mow it down some...imagine that scene! 

Have a great day and an even better week!!


SkylersDad said...

That is terrible about the condition of the dog and cat. And it really makes me wonder about the kids safety!

KiKi said...

That's so heartbreaking about the dog next door...argh!!!! Hope it all works out ok.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ugh! That makes me sick, people who neglect animals!

Eclipsed said...

Oh my gosh that's terrible! I'm so glad that your neighbor is calling on them. Some people just shouldn't have pets.