Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tell All Tuesday...Let it all Out!

I have decided to start a Tell All Tuesday. Anyone who wants to join in with me...great. I just want to be able to get all the BS off my chest today so I can start fresh and have a fabulous week. Anyway...you know what I mean...the stuff that just drives you crazy everyday. The small stuff we aren't supposed to "Sweat" but still do! Like my stupid ass neighbors (SANs). 

They have lived next door to me for about four years now and their dog BARKS from the moment they leave the house until they come home. (Shes a big dog too!) So...every time I go in MY backyard...she starts barking until we go back inside the house. OMG...I can't even play with my own dog back there as she drives me NUTS. Of course, I have asked them (SANs) to take care of the situation repeatedly. They had a bark collar for awhile, but it disappeared sometime last year. In December, I asked if they could please put the collar back on. The wifey replied " Oh, we plan on getting batteries after the first of the year." Hmmmm....seams like the first of the year has come and gone and STILL NO BARK COLLAR. I could go on for days about their treatment of this poor dog...like leaving it, and another very small dog, outside for two weeks during one of the worst snow storms of the year while they go on vacation. OMG...they drive me nuts.

Ok...here's another one....we share a driveway. My house is at the top of the driveway and theirs is at the bottom. All their friends park their cars at the top across from my carport. SO...when they do this...I can't pull out unless I do about a 5-point backup job, because the car's in the way. I've spoken to them about this too. It's not so bad during the day, but at night it's pitch black and I can't see whats behind me. I have almost backed into cars over there several time. They have a HUGE driveway too. SO WTF....

I do feel way better getting this off my chest. Any suggestions my friends on how to handle the SANs??? I am so done with them. Let me know...I will try anything at this point.


SkylersDad said...

Nothing is worse than ass-hat neighbors!