Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Different Ways to Say No to Your Child

I wonder how many of you go through the same scenario I do, day after day, with a child who asks you something they know your going to say "No" to, but....they still ask anyway. My daughter will even say..."You're probably going to say no, but...?" What the heck is she thinking? Of course, I am going to say NO when she puts it that way! For one thing...there must be something up or she wouldn't assume I will say NO. Kids these days totally think their parents don't know a thing. Did I think that of my mother? So sorry Mom...You did know a thing or two...I didn't ....and my teen-age daughter has a few to learn still. So, how many ways can a parent say no?
  1. No, not tonight. (Mom is tired and doesn't want to do anything other than cook, do the laundry, pick up the house, and finish up the dishes.)
  2. No, because I said so. (I love this one...there is absolutely no reason given, I just say no.)
  3. No, you are still grounded, aren't you? (I do tend to forget that I've grounded her sometimes.)
  4. No, not until you clean your room. (this will take an act of God to get it usually works.)
  5. No, because I already told you no so don't ask again. (She was testing me to see if I would change my mind...I know how she thinks!)
Ok, I've run out of reasons to say NO to my child...haha just kidding....but I would like to know what yours are and I will add them to my list!!


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